Free Download for 4 Days – Distorted Divinities

Tales from Distorted Divinities is now free for download for 4 days from here:

[link to (secure)]

If you decide to download it, please write an honest review.

Tales from Distorted Divinities contains three brilliant thought-provoking stories in the style of Jorge Luis Borges. Combining Philosophical thought-experiments and Science Fiction this collection is a sober and profound gaze at the universe where science has displaced man from the centre of the universe and our interpretations of existence are staked on wobbling foundations. In this collection, truth collides with falsehoods, narrative is sometimes preferred over reality, and a deeper perspective over the universe is assured. This is existentialism for the postmodern age.


Upcoming Projects

I’m currently starting two projects.

(1) A radical paper on free-will and incompatibilism, featuring genetics, twin studies and the significance of einmal ist keinmal and its relation to freewill.

(2) A paper on Terrence Malick and Knight of Cups: its meaning and message (has nothing to do with free-will). Here’s a trailer for the film: