Tales from Distorted Divinities



Tales from Distorted Divinities contains three brilliant thought-provoking stories in the style of Jorge Luis Borges. Combining Philosophical thought-experiments and Science Fiction this collection is a sober and profound gaze at the universe where science has displaced man from the centre of the universe and our interpretations of existence are staked on wobbling foundations. In this collection, truth collides with falsehoods, narrative is sometimes preferred over reality, and a deeper perspective over the universe is assured. This is existentialism for the postmodern age.
The following stories contained in this collection are:

-Mythological Comedy: A atheistic Historian buys a time-machine only to find out that the gods have existed.

-The Other Testament: A author confesses to have found out that an evil god (the Demiurge) rules over existence

-The Walls of Reality: A man comes to terms with his suffering in a godless universe.
An excerpt from Walls of Reality:
“Starting from centuries before the start of the industrial revolution and continuing still now, a bizarre side effect emerged due to the rapid exponential growth of knowledge that affected the world’s population. It, somehow, without the slightest trace of movement, shifted the world’s population from the centre of the universe to the peripheries, like a small pebble that floated around aimlessly in the ocean. The symptom’s side-effects surely, slowly displacing the individual and the community at the centre of the universe. The entire universe changed around them, not only were they now not the central hub, but the Earth now moved around the sun. This knowledge altered the mechanics of the entire universe displacing meaning, purpose and morality. These special privileges bestowed upon the human race gradually became relativity burdens.”


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