Oxytocin influences intuitions about compatibilism?

Oxytocin compatbilism

This graph is self-explanatory. As Katrina Sifferd explains the supposed results on the blog flickers of freedom  “when people are given oxytocin, they are more inclined to ascribe responsibility in a deterministic universe but less inclined to ascribe responsibility in an indeterministic universe. In other words, oxytocin leads people to care less about whether an action is determined.”

My initial response before I provide an update in a few days time (after I’ve read the experiment): these are the types of experiments that provide more fuel to the fire for (simplicity) hard determinists regarding the amount of control we have over our decisions and whether this control is sufficient to grant moral responsibility. The intuitions about whether your a compatibilist or not is potentially due to the amount of hormone you have within your nervous system, something that you have no control over. It is a sobering thought to think that the intuitions that underlay your deep philosophical reflections are based on hormones, rather than initial pre-reflective thoughts.


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